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 What's up all you crazy old bats??????

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What's up all you crazy old bats?????? - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: What's up all you crazy old bats??????   What's up all you crazy old bats?????? - Page 2 EmptySat Dec 26, 2020 3:28 pm

Now I’ll try to respond to Tbevs post..

First about your email. I got it and thank you for taking the time to answer. I’ll reply later today or tomorrow.

Yes I’m mad too that the election was stolen but what’s even worse is now we can’t even trust our election process. The left is so corrupt it’s scary.

I completely agree that with your health history you can’t take any chances getting exposed to the. China virus. Heck you can’t chance getting exposed to the regular flu! You have to be so careful. The good news is now there are any therapeutics that weren’t available or accepted early on. Hydroxychloroquine for one. When Trump praised it they said he was killing peop,e and the corrupt CDC wouldn’t allow Drs to use it but now after the election they are saying it is a miracle drug and urging Drsto use it. Another’s amp,eofthelect politicizing this Plandemic.

I’m sorry to hear so many people you know have it. I’m praying for all of them and for you to stay safe. Take good care of yourself!

I responded to you comments about Kari and Tasha. my post above .for some reason I thought Jackie was the one who asked about them.

Well I think I answered everything both of you asked but if not just let me know or ask again. I’m going to get off here before my poor finger falls off. I’m trying to type with one finger while laying down! Pretty darn lazy aren’t l? Haha

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What's up all you crazy old bats??????
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